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The Joy of 2 Christmasses

I’m Danish, my husband is English. As we live in England, our kids are very much little English people and I’m not proud to admit that I have not been very good at sharing all the wonderful Danish traditions.. except one: Danish Christmas!


Cornwall Unplanned

Over Easter 2015 we spent 4 days in wonderful Cornwall. The trip was decided a couple of months in advance, so imagine our delight when we saw that the weather was due to turn from the wet and grey we’ve had for the past 6 or so months, to wonderful sunshine on the very day we were arriving.


Afternoon Tea at Dormy House

We have a wonderful new tradition when my brother, his wife and son come to visit us from Denmark. My lovely sister-in-law, Noelle and I then go on a girly trip and have Afternoon Tea somewhere swanky in the Cotswolds. The pics above are from our Afternoon Tea at Dormy House.


Pinch of Salt

In my life I’ve treasured very few things as much or for as long as I have my gorgeous Pinch of Salt quilt. I believe in using the things you love, not saving them for the perfect occasion.. I think we should just use the things we love and treasure to maximise the enjoyment we get from it.

But not so with my Pinch of Salt quilt. The kids are not allowed to use it, sit on it, eat near it or even walk past it, really! I LOVE THIS QUILT… it’s the pretty and elegant design that’s just up my street,  it’s the quality materials, fabulous!


Kids on Roof

For a kids bed- or play room, the lovely Dutch design brand, Kids on Roof, is the way to go. Their products mix the playful with beautiful and innovative design and they have created a line of products that kids love to play with and that adults as well as kids love to look at.