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An unexpected memory of my Grandmother

The King's, Chipping CampdenWe went for dinner last night at The King’s in Chipping Campden. We love it there, food is always great, as is the service, and the surroundings, well take a look for yourself, just lovely, cosy and warm.

We had 8 courses last night… no, not in total, each. And Oh… Wow… we knew we were in for a treat when we went, but we didn’t know that we, quite literally, would be in for the most wonderful meal we’d ever had… ever. It was THAT amazing for a number of reasons. Firstly, every single course was prepared to absolute perfection. You could image that with 8 courses, there might be a few of them, or certain parts of some at least, that was less to one’s taste than others. No, not so. Every single dish, lovingly and expertly prepared by Head Chef, Ian Percival, was constructed and balanced perfectly, served in a completely unpretentious fashion (this matters, I’m really not one for pretentious food!) and cooked as if he had us in mind.